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Poet's casket

visits: 2002


Description:An original jam and different from the classic ones, made with fruit from the endless health properties, laxative and diuretic.

collection period: August

ingredientsSambuco (70% min), Sugar, Lemon

pairings: With fresh or medium-aged cheeses, such as ricotta or robiole delicate; tome not too seasoned and cheese. White meat and game. Try plain yogurt mixed with white.



Description:From a wild fruit known for millennia but forgotten in the second half of the twentieth century a jam absolutely unique: a delight destined to gourmets. The delicate sweet taste of its fruit, in addition to adapt well to the classic slice of bread for breakfast or snack, it becomes a great ingredient for pies and other homemade desserts.

Collection period:October-November

ingredients:Arbutus (70% min), Sugar, Lemon

Serving suggestions:Goat cheese and ricotta.



Description:This jam will reveal the sweet side of chili!

Collection period:August September

ingredients:Hot pepper and sugar

Serving suggestions:Excellent to garnish crostini or bruschetta, or to accompany cheese cakes. Try it with dark chocolate.



DescriptionThe Jam Meditation, born from the desire to experiment, to push the boundaries of the known jams and offer new sensations, with unusual combinations and fascinating. Each jam is a marriage of flavors, an unusual combination of flavors which reveals how distant worlds are nearby and how those neighbors may seem exotic. The slightly sour taste and aroma of lavender flowers and fragrant flesh plums ripened in the sun combine to create sensations that refer to the fields of flower and the light of Provence.

collection period: August

ingredients: Plums (70% min), sugar, lavender, thickener

pairings: Medium-aged cheeses


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