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Description: The pomegranate, the fruit typical of autumn, can be considered a super food due to its many nutritional and beneficial properties.
artisanal product of fresh fruit processing freshly picked no added colorsand preservatives.

collection periodSeptember October

ingredients: Melograno, Sugar, Lemon.Fruit used for 80g 100g product.Total sugar 45 gr 100g product.

pairingsthe Confettura of Pomegranate It combines very well with soft cheeses but can also be used to decorate cakes.



Description:An original jam and different from the classic ones, made with fruit from the endless health properties, laxative and diuretic.

collection period: August

ingredientsSambuco (70% min), Sugar, Lemon

pairings: With fresh or medium-aged cheeses, such as ricotta or robiole delicate, tome not too seasoned and cheese. white meat and game. Try it mixed with natural plain yogurt.



Description:The Plums and Lavender Jam was born from the desire to experiment, to push the boundaries of known jams and offer new sensations, with unusual and fascinating combinations. It 'a marriage of flavors, an unusual combination of flavors that makes discover how distant worlds such as neighbors are neighbors and they may seem exotic. The slightly sour and aromatic taste of lavender flowers and fragrant pulp of sun-ripened plums come together to create sensations that recall the flower fields and the light of Provence.

collection period: August

ingredients: Plums (70% min), sugar, lavender, thickener

pairings: Medium-aged cheeses


JAM jujubes

Description: Delicious jam this rare fruit, known since ancient times for its beneficial properties.

collection period: September October

ingredients: Jujube, Sugar

pairings: With all creamy cheeses and for breakfast.


GR:40 cad.

Price: 7.90 EUR
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