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L 'Estregone is an infusion of herbs, from Charlemagne to us through the De Medici family. By contemporary herbalists would play an effective aperitiva action, digestive and carminative: for these reasons its use is indicated, according to herbalists, in case of slow digestion, difficult, very time-consuming and can be used without the risk of irritating the mucous membranes gastrointestinal; it is also excellent for stimulating the appetite and the secretion of gastric juices. It shall also vermifuge action against digestive worms. Finally, it acts as an emmenagogue, facilitating and regularizing the menstrual flow and is excellent to relieve and alleviate disorders of premenstrual syndrome. According to We is a great after dinner, one of a kind for the feelings that transmits and leaves in the mouth ... but in addition to the digestive liqueur can be labeled as a meditation.
Product type:Herbal tea
ingredients:Alcohol, sugar, infusion of herbs. It contains no artificial flavors or coloranti.Indicazioni of
Draft equipment:Stir before serving - Serve cold
Alcohol: 30%
Price: 16.00 EUR
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