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"Going to the broth Giuggiole" is the popular expression for something sweet and good, so that is synonymous for centuries with gloating joy, swooning. But "sweet" and "good" definitely does not do justice to the flavor profile and complexity of this liquor. Color, reminiscent of stones such as topaz, and consistency in appearance confirm visually the characteristic sweetness, but already by the vividness of the color and the beautiful luster of this nectar is announced on the palate (taste) an excellent freshness He gives it a perfect balance. The captivating fragrances with almonds and dried fruit, which help to strengthen the popular definition of "something sweet and good", do not fail to give way to balmy and aromatic notes, very present even at the point of the mouth, enhanced by discreet alcohol.
Serving suggestions:Excellent companion for meditation, to be served at room temperature, the combinations can range from dark chocolate, full-bodied and structured to sweet or salty. Surprisingly pleasant with mature cheeses.
ingredients:Sugar, alcohol, infusion of jujube (20%), fruits and natural flavors. all fruit was produced in the company. It does not contain dyes.
Indications of Draft equipmentServe at room temperature
Alcohol: 24%
Liters: L
Price: 14.50 EUR
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