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of Alfalfa Honey

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Honey of Medic Euganean Hills is a natural honey produced using traditional methods einserito list of traditional products according to the guidelines of the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry.

The long process to get to the finished product consists of three phases: the first phase, the honey is "cheesy", then it is "filtered" and finally "put into jars." Honey of Medic is characterized by a medium sweet flavor reminiscent of various foods including milk and cooked grape must. Its color varies between the 'amber and light amber.

This honey is quite versatile: it is interesting, for example, use in the polenta cooked, or in combination with the good table cheese. And 'interesting to know which is widely used for the preparation of nougat.

- Storage:We should keep the honey in a dry, clean and at a temperature of less than 20 ° C.

- Harvest time:The flowering period is between May and September.

 - Ingredients:of Alfalfa Honey

Net weight: 500 gr

Price: 6.90 EUR
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