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Honey with dried fruit

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Honey with dried fruit of the Euganean Hills is a natural honey produced using traditional methods and added to the list of traditional products according to the guidelines of the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry.

The long process to get to the finished product consists of three phases: the first phase, the honey is "cheesy", then it is "filtered" and finally "put into jars." The honey that is used together with the dried fruit is always a light honey (or lime or millefiori). The amount of dried fruit inside is about 3 ounces and is made from hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts; all elements strictly untreated and therefore natural. The meeting between the delicacy of honey and goodness of dried fruit create a delicious dessert, ideal to combine with cheese, as a filling for cakes or even for use with the ice cream.

- Storage: We should keep the honey in a dry, clean and at a temperature of less than 20 ° C.

- Harvest time:It varies depending on the type of honey that contains inside: if you Millefiori the collection period is around the end of June; Lime if the collection period is from June to August.

 - Ingredients:Clear honey, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews

Net weight: 500 gr

Price: 9.90 EUR
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