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honey Balsamic

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Honey Balsamic Euganean Hills is a natural honey produced using traditional methods and added to the list of traditional products according to the guidelines of the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry.

The long process to get to the finished product consists of three phases: the first phase, the honey is "cheesy", then it is "filtered" and finally "put into jars." This Honey Balsamic unes the beneficial properties of honey to those balmy extracts added, that's whyIt is very useful in cases of colds upper respiratory tract such as sore throat, hoarseness, but also support in cases of bronchitis. Consulting also provides relief from dry cough and fat.

- Storage: We should keep the honey in a dry, clean and at a temperature of less than 20 ° C.

- For complete absorption of the beneficial effects we suggest1 spoon once or twice a day, preferably dissolved in hot water (very hot beverages in the beneficial effects of Honey Balsamic multiply).

- Harvest time:Around the beginning of June

 - Ingredients: Linden Honey, Mountain Pine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and 3 drops of mint.

Net weight:250 gr

Price: 5.90 EUR
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