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All sale prices of products displayed on the site include VAT.

The Seller reserves the right to change the prices on site at any time according to market fluctuations and the availability of the product. However, once we placed the order, the prices of goods purchased will not be further changes. After completion of the order by the Seller, the latter shall issue an invoice that will be promptly sent to the customer via e-mail in PDF format.

Transport the goods will be entrusted to the firm SDA shipments so the customer has to be wary and not to accept products delivered by another carrier which must be considered unauthorized, unless otherwise and prior email communication of Seller.

The shipping costs are not included in the purchase price but are calculated and reported at the end of the buying process before making the payment.

The shipping costs of the package are functional to the weight expressed in pounds of the same and are reported in the following table



0 - 3

€ 5,70 + VAT

3 - 10

€ 6,70 + VAT

10 - 20

€ 7,75 + VAT

20 - 30

€ 8,80 + VAT

30 - 50

€ 11,90 + VAT

Weighing more than 50 kg

Surcharge of € 1,50 + VAT per kg

If by Paypal payment with a higher spending to € 70,00 transportation will be considered included in the spending and not calculable.

The Courier will make three attempts to deliver to the address indicated in the order, leaving all attempts, written notice to the customer. If the third attempt went empty and the client had not given timely notice to the Seller or to the Courier of their unavailability (to agree a new delivery date), it will not be made more and the seller still retain the price paid by the customer.

However, it is still advisable, given the freshness and the organoleptic qualities of certain products and in spite of all the measures taken by the Suppliers for the proper conservation of the same, that the customer does already available on the first delivery attempt.

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